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What Makes A Classic…A Classic?!?!?!

One of the MILLION things that bugs me out that I’ve heard continuously throughout the past couple of years is how easy bloggers, magazines, website, even cats I run with will throw the word “classic” around like it’s nuthin’. I mean, cats were already calling Jay’s “Magna Carta” a classic …

Classic Material: My Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye is a musical genius and there’s NOTHING anyone can tell me differently. And his latest release “My Dark Twisted Fantasy” just helps to prove my point. This dude is the only one in the game in my opinion who still hustles like he’s unsigned. I mean, dude is a …

Classic Material: Be

This week’s “Classic Material” is similar to last week’s with Jay Z because before “Be” came out I was done with Common. And let me make sure ya’ll understand that Common WAS my dude. Easily one of my favorite MC’s and I was mad happy to see dude get his …

Classic Material: The Blueprint

For the first installment of “Classic Material” (which is my breakdown of classic hip hop albums that have dropped between 2000-2011) we’ve got who I like to to call the 2nd nicest cat coming outta the Planet of Brooklyn….Jay Z with his sixth studio album, “The Blueprint.”

Jay Z